Caravan Parks: Do's and Don'ts

Caravan Parks: Do's and Don'ts

Whether you are new to caravan parks or an experienced camper it’s good to be aware of the caravan park etiquette to ensure both your family and your fellow campers have a good experience. As a rv dealer, see our tips below:


  1. Read up on what you can and can’t take before you arrive. Ensure the caravan park you’re going to allow pets before bringing your dog!

  2. Make sure you bring the essentials. Some parks have onsite shops and laundry, but some will not. Find out what is available at the park and what you have to bring from home. 

  3. Keep an eye on your kids to make sure they're not making mischief or getting into danger. It’s good to make sure the park is child-friendly; many even have kids’ playgrounds.  

  4. Be a part of the caravanning community. Be friendly with your fellow campers, offer to help them or stop for a pleasant chat. Remember you can always ask them for help or advice. It’s important to look out for each other at the caravan park.

  5. Know the caravan park rules beforehand! The rules are there to keep everyone safe and ensure a pleasant holiday. Most parks outline rules on their website and it’s important to read and stick to them!


  1. Play loud music at night! Tone down the noise at night when people are trying to wind down or sleep. 

  2. Park anywhere but the designated areas! Caravan parks will have designated areas for parking cars and strict rules on where you can drive your car. Be sure to check their website and ask them beforehand! It can be dangerous if you accidentally drive in a walking or cycle path.  

  3. Litter or make a mess. Remember to keep the shared facilities and the park clean. This is a shared space and you need to be considerate of your fellow campers.

  4. Walk through other people’s campsites. Keep your things on your side – be mindful of barriers.

  5. Get too close to the local wildlife. Several parks are located near forest and national parks so you may come across a local critter. As tempting as it might be to get a selfie with a wild koala, for your safety and theirs give them space and don’t bother them. 

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