Best Camping Gadgets for Your Next Caravan Trip

Best Camping Gadgets for Your Next Caravan Trip

Rechargeable LED Lantern

A lantern is great for camping and other outdoor activities. Many modern rechargeable lanterns are now multifunctional with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers or built in power banks for charging your phone. Being rechargeable means you won’t have to rely on carrying batteries. These portable lights can be plugged in during the day ensuring you have light when it’s needed, and the lifetime LEDs never need replacing. 

Waterproof Caravan Privacy Screens

Caravan privacy screens not only provide privacy, but also shade and protection from wind and rain. They attach easily to a caravan awning and increase your living space- great when travelling with family and the caravan is getting cramped. 

Half-Folding Table

A sturdy camping table is convenient to have at a campsite and you will soon find it an essential. When not in use it can be folded away and stored without taking much space. 

Caravan Washing Machine

While most caravan parks and campsites have laundry facilities, doing laundry there can really add up - especially when travelling with a family. Caravan washing machines can be an affordable and convenient alternative. 

A Portable Coffee Maker

What do you do when you need to have your morning coffee but there isn’t enough space in your caravan for your coffee machine? Consider getting a portable coffee machine. There is a large variety of coffee makers from a simple French press style coffee maker to a handle held Nespresso machine which uses coffee pods. It's a great gadget to have in your arsenal. 

Quick-Dry Microfibre Towels

Drying towels while camping can be tricky, especially in bad weather. Microfibre towels, however, are quick to absorb water and dry super-fast. You can use them for showering, cleaning, and on outdoor adventures.

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